Wednesday, 12 December 2012

like breathing was easy

ok, I know I promised a bit more care with and more often posting in the blog - and then it takes me a few weeks again to give it the needed attention.

but I do tend to keep one of last post's promises - more music for you, yes please ;)

so here it is, a little treasure sharing from the xx's concert here in copenhagen a few weeks ago, with a take from their opening number, the fragile voice of realization and the delicacy of a very simple feeling.

and with words unspoken
a silent devotion
I know you know what I mean
and the end is unknown
but I think I'm ready
as long as you're with me

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

don't give a damn for your reasons why / love like at home

it's been some time, quite a long time since this blog's last post. reasons and excuses are not important, for sure - we all know the trivialities of a busy life. what surprises me is that for a moment there, I actually thought this space had hit its due date. until a little while ago, when I started noticing the physicality of its absence in me. as if some things are so inherently me, that no negligence, no disregard, no tiredness nor disillusion can truly erase them. maybe it's just that "I've got autumn leaves and heartbreak dreams inside"... maybe it's just this ongoing journey back to a feeling of home.

music   poetry   writing  
a seething need to share them
and more and more, a seething need to be part of them
(but more on that to come... and more on that to be done...)

and so we take up the thread of this blog where we left off.
a beautiful voice discovered today.
a short text
a few hints of ongoing doubts
and a brutal assault on beauty - the words of the portuguese poet manuel antónio pina (unashamedly "stolen" from a friend)

love like at home

slowly I return to your 
smile as if a return home. I pretend
... it's nothing to do with me. distracted I roam
this well know path of nostalgia,
small things hold my mind,
an afternoon at a cafe, a book. slowly
I love you, and some times in a hurry,
my love, and some times I do things I shouldn't,
I slowly return to your home,
buy a book, and enter 
love as if it was home.

Friday, 11 May 2012


Today is marked by great loss.

You died my friend.
Just like that.
First atop of a cliff. Living. Breathing. There.
Then down, and down, and down...
And then no more.

I did not know upon our last encounter, it would be the last.
I've always assumed there would be one more. And one more.
As they always were.
You so close to the piano. Me in the audience.
Our conversation so simple.
You played. I let it surround me, take me in.

And now no more. Of that privilege it was to hear you play, see your hands create the most beautiful of sounds.

Today, is a day of great loss. Of deep pain.

Goodbye my dear friend...

Sunday, 22 April 2012

rock n' rule my world

last sunday I went to Kings of Convenience's A-sides concert @Vega - it had been a long-awaited gig, and the norwegian kings of acoustic guitars delivered a great performance, filled with humor, musical virtuosity, and even a "remix of the remix" of rule my world :)

ps: more KOC party moods here!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

one more

one more.
of those that showed up out of nowhere.
and caught me.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

both sides now

today was time for one more round of the State Sessions at the National Gallery. talented Thomas Clausen  gave his impressions of Joni Mitchell.

bows and flows of angel hair
and ice cream castles in the air
and feather canyons everywhere
I've looked at clouds that way

and as I sat there i knew once more.
there are states and feelings and emotions only music ever can convey.
moments of this delicate sensitivity that comes out of a piano.
out of someone.

is this an illusion?

maybe. or maybe
now it's just another show
you leave 'em laughing as you go
and if you care, don't let them know
don't give yourself away

but then again. I give myself away.
at times only to music. to these moments.

because I've looked at love from both sides now
from give and take, and still somehow
it's love's illusions I recall

and wonder how to get past the illusions...
how to know love at all

well something's lost but something's gained
in living everyday

I might not know clouds, love, nor life at all
but welcome knowing both their sides now.

Saturday, 31 March 2012

V + A

this is one of the cutest wedding invitations I've ever seen - found it on my postbox thursday, as the official announcement of my friend V's coming nuptials with her beloved A this may :) fortunately for me, V is one of my good old friends from Portugal, so this means vacation! short, but still vacation. and soon :)

Monday, 26 March 2012

summing up!

so, once more this blog seems to be lagging behind, especially since I started my new photo-blog, copenhagen skies - check it out :) 

but here's a little sum up of what's been going on. 
from top to bottom, left to right, in a circular fashion ;)

- a close up of a beautiful stained glass rosette from the roof of the old Copenhagen University Library - photo taken through the window of Skt. Petri Hotel, where my old time friend C from Portugal was staying while at a conference in town last weekend. we went for a good walk by the lakes, had tasty nordic diner at BioM, and she allowed for a sneak peak at this great view :)

- a couple of shots from Podio's one year party last friday - my friend K works at this kick-ass app-developing company, whose first year's huge success was celebrated with a grand fest filled with music (though not coming from the blue ukeleles!) and cool entrance tattoos.

- and finally, today it was time to aerate my new sunglasses - since I started wearing contact lenses, I realized I was short on sunglasses (mine used to have special lenses), and this is the first pair on a new collection to come ;)

Sunday, 11 March 2012